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الدكتو احمد مصطفى وكيف اخرجه يوسف جبر عن شعوره YouTube

Published on 12 Sep 2018 / In Entertainment

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Thy Thục
Thy Thục 7-2-2017

The manager got early retirement and a 600,000$ golden handshake when the company was restructed.

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An Thoa
An Thoa 25-6-2017

The same as usual!– Như mọi khi.

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Ánh Diệp
Ánh Diệp 10-8-2017


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Sông Anh
Sông Anh 18-7-2016

First of all it was the car breaking down, then the fire in the kitchen and now Mike’s accident. It never rains but it pours!

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Kim Chung
Kim Chung 27-8-2016


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Ái Nương
Ái Nương 17-7-2016

Go and tell her that you love her! That kind of girl is really few and far between

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Sông Thương
Sông Thương 4-10-2016

No chance! – Đừng có mơ!

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Hải Mai
Hải Mai 20-6-2016


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Diệu Mỹ
Diệu Mỹ 15-5-2016

Phew, that was a close shave. I was so lucky.

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Phương Nguyệt

Unbelievable! – Thật không thể tin nổi!

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