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كبلاالة ههههاي

Published on 11 Sep 2018 / In People & Blogs

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Diệu Xuân
Diệu Xuân 23-2-2017

Boys will be boys!– Trẻ con vẫn là trẻ con.

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Di Hường
Di Hường 4-10-2015

To argue hot and long– Tranh luận gay gắt.

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Thu Phương
Thu Phương 11-3-2016

遅くなって すみません

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Nhã Bạch Thảo
Nhã Bạch Thảo 24-5-2015

Josh does stop by the store every now and then, but I haven’t seen him lately.

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Kiết Ánh
Kiết Ánh 17-10-2016


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Duy Sương
Duy Sương 28-3-2017


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Vy Trâm
Vy Trâm 13-2-2016

No business is a success from the beginning– Vạn sự khởi đầu nan.

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Tuyết Mai
Tuyết Mai 6-6-2017

You don’t have to give me your decision now. Sleep on it, and let me know tomorrow.

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Diên Lý
Diên Lý 22-10-2016

Four soldiers have faced charges since the scandal came to light last fall

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Ðinh Hồng
Ðinh Hồng 23-12-2016

The kids are always play jokes on their teachers

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