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Dog Boarding and Training Programs - Will Diaz Trains Layla.mp4

Published on 09 Feb 2019 / In Pets & Animals

Boarding and training a dog is a lot like sending a child to summer camp! Our trainer Will Diaz follows a compassionate and practical approach to train Layla and keep her mentally stimulated and physically active. Visit https://k9uchicago.com/k9-trai....ning/dog-boarding-an and https://k9uchicago.com/k9-trai....ning/basic-obedience for more information.

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Vàng Nữ
Vàng Nữ 24-7-2016

I’d be glad to help you if you need me. I put myself at your disposal.

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Túy Hải
Túy Hải 19-6-2016

What a jerk!–Thật là đáng ghét!

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Liên Phúc
Liên Phúc 28-1-2015

We’ve known you are a good swimmer – stop putting on an act.

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Diệu Thiện
Diệu Thiện 10-2-2017


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Phụng San
Phụng San 11-9-2017

cậu thật vui tính

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Vàng Vỹ
Vàng Vỹ 14-8-2017

anh ấy thật dể thương

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Hồ Du
Hồ Du 3-12-2017


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Phương Nguyệt
Phương Nguyệt 11-12-2016

She has a bee in her bonnet about going to America.

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Mai Thy
Mai Thy 1-12-2016

Tom is hard of hearing. Therefore, we have to speak loudly so that he can hear us.

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Phượng Xuân
Phượng Xuân 23-4-2017

The old man has been off his head for at least a year.

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