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Dog Group Socialization Training by Josh Crowley

Published on 09 Feb 2019 / In Pets & Animals

K9 University Chicago’s dog group socialization training is exclusively designed for dogs that can’t play in the established group. Our trainer Josh Crowley shares the details of this training program and how it improves the mental strength of your dog and teaches them to engage with other dogs in a respectful manner. Visit https://k9uchicago.com/dog-gro....up-play-conditioning https://k9uchicago.com/k9-trai....ning/dog-boarding-an and https://k9uchicago.com/k9-trai....ning/basic-obedience for more information.

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Bội Uyển
Bội Uyển 16-5-2016

How cute!– Đáng yêu quá.

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Việt Tuệ
Việt Tuệ 9-6-2017

The kitchen was spick and span as ever, every surface wiped down and everything in its place.

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Cẩm Vy
Cẩm Vy 20-2-2016

Every now and then, I want to be alone.

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Tiểu Ngôn
Tiểu Ngôn 26-5-2017

One of the problems with relationships is that after a while you begin to take each other for granted!!

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Hoa Ngôn
Hoa Ngôn 11-5-2015

道に 迷ってしまった

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Thúy Hà
Thúy Hà 6-11-2015

He has a salt and pepper beard.

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Thiều Băng
Thiều Băng 15-11-2016

I went to a restaurant last night. I was the ten thousandth customer, so my dinner was on the house.

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Ngân Hiệp
Ngân Hiệp 18-5-2015

cậu thật vui tính

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Nhật Ân
Nhật Ân 6-2-2017

What on earth is going on here?– Chuyện quái gì thế này.

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Khải Tiên
Khải Tiên 22-5-2016


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