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Dog Group Socialization Training by Josh Crowley

Published on 09 Feb 2019 / In Pets & Animals

K9 University Chicago’s dog group socialization training is exclusively designed for dogs that can’t play in the established group. Our trainer Josh Crowley shares the details of this training program and how it improves the mental strength of your dog and teaches them to engage with other dogs in a respectful manner. Visit https://k9uchicago.com/dog-gro....up-play-conditioning https://k9uchicago.com/k9-trai....ning/dog-boarding-an and https://k9uchicago.com/k9-trai....ning/basic-obedience for more information.

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Loan Thuần
Loan Thuần 22-9-2017


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Hương Bích
Hương Bích 2-3-2015

To eat well and can dress beautifully– Ăn ngon mặc đẹp

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Lệ Anh
Lệ Anh 20-9-2015

貴方のお父様によろしくお伝 え下さい

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Lệ Anh
Lệ Anh 28-2-2015

Tom is hard of hearing. Therefore, we have to speak loudly so that he can hear us.

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Kỳ Cúc
Kỳ Cúc 19-10-2016

You are the apple of my eyes

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Lưu Thuần
Lưu Thuần 27-9-2016


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Nguyễn Thành Nam


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Duy Ngôn
Duy Ngôn 17-9-2015


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Băng Thùy
Băng Thùy 7-9-2016


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Việt Hoài
Việt Hoài 19-12-2017


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